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Rhapsody Green Centers of America was formed to provide Green Technology training to Companies seeking to develop a Green Workforce for the 21st century. The Green Center actively pursues partnering with companies that are committed to moving toward a Greener and safer future for succeeding generations.

THE FIRST RHAPSODY GREEN CENTER was established in 2004 on Treasure Island in San Francisco and became an accredited Training Provider for the California Department Health Services .This was a serious need in a city whose buildings were ninety four percent Lead with no Lead Training facilities. The classes were a success.
Later that year Joseph Ruiz Founder of the Green Center traveled to Japan to study and research a new coating called UVPCO technology. Joseph discovered this technology delivers a level sustainable self-cleaning ,air purifying & odor eliminating benefits never before seen in the world 

He brought this technology back to the Green Center and has developed a 70 page power point presentation for Green Center students to learn the application protocols for the UVPCO technology.

In 2006 Joseph traveled to Dallas Texas to meet with Environmental Managaement  They are the Inventors and Developers of "NXT".Nano Xothermal Technology. Joseph discovered how they are committed to renewing the earth for beneficial purposes, knowing that the Enviromental Impact of the NXT Technologies and related activites wil transcend generations. NXT turns brownfields into Green fields. They can clean contaminated soil onsite and manufacture bricks and other building components using the cleaned soil. These building components pass the 1000 yr. leach test .




Training our students with the most advanced Green Technologies is the most rewarding of all. Our students will be equipped with knowlege of Green tech. jobs that will help provide them skills that are new and growing in demand.

UVPCO APPLICATION AND QUALITY CONTROL.The manufacturing of  bricks  and other building components from contaminated soil and than applying the UVPCO technolgy to them! wow! this is something the world has not seen before . This training will help our students to REUSE contaminated soil turning thm into bricks and other building components, and than applying UVPCO to them . This will yield these recycled soils into sustainable , self-cleaning , air purifying buildng components . Completing the circle of Recycling. Turming Brownfields into Green fields can now be realized in more ways than first imagined. 

We are now to proud to announce Rhapsody has joined "CSG' COMPANY who is the manufacturer of the best UVPCO system in the world , "PURETI".We are proudly named CSG/S.F BayArea LLC.  Also we have implemented their "SAS" surface antimicrobial system to our training program. The Surfaceaide 1000 when applied professionally can inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold,fungi 24/7 and up to three years. "Surface Aide1000" is promoted by Health and Sports professionals around the country fighting to protect people against a wide array of microbial growth like the super bug  MRSA .

Again our students will learn to apply these specialized surface treatments for the protection of people on public transportation such as trains, subways, Cruise Ships, hospitals, schools, sports facilities, etc. These newly aquired job skills will help build a new  Green Work Force for the 21st century.