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About Us


Rhapsody Painting Company was formed to provide high quality and cost competitive lead consulting and remediation services to commercial and industrial clients, municipalities, and government.
Our philosophy of technical excellence, solution-oriented services, competitive pricing and client partnering results in superior client satisfaction.


Rhapsody Painting Company is well established California Department of Health Lead Certified Painting and Environmental Company in the San Francisco Area , providing high quality service to our clients . No longer is it prudent to contract with a licensed Painting Contractor to work on pre-1978 buildings but contracting with a D.H.S. certified Painting Contractor with a track record of experience gives the client the advantage of using lead-safe painting techniques and technologically advanced coating systems reducing the liabilities of the client. Rhapsody has now expanded its borders in using technologically advanced coating systems .Its Green approach in serving clients has brought new  UV/PCO Green services with Leed Points to the Market PLACE. 

Our specific advantage include the following:

  • Our work-force of D.H.S. certified painters provide a safe working environment during the remediation phase of each project.
  • Experienced applicators of technologically advanced coating systems over lead-base paints and other asbestos and Photo Catalytic Coatings for Bacteria reduction and self-cleaning of building components.Surface treatments over building yeilding the buildings to actually help reduce clean air pollution. 
  • Our work-force of D.H.S. certified painters provide a safe working environment during the remediation phase of each project.
  • Our staff has significant "hands on" experience in surface stabilization and using encapsulation coatings systems over lead-based paint, creating a lead-safe environment for many years. We also have many techniques we use to completely remove or abate Lead Using lights, chemical strippers methelyene chloride strippers and non-methelylene strippers.
  • Our work force has a strong understanding of current environmental regulations and have worked closely with personnel from local, state and federal regulatory agencies.
  • We have a proven record of providing "innovative solutions", resulting in significant savings over traditional painting systems. Each project is site specific in design and our experience in this industry helps our clients with creative solutions.
  • We are a licensed Painting Contractor C-33 Calif. Lic. # 710830 and Hazardous Waste Contractor in California (EPA # 0001811132).
  • We are a certified minority-owned Contractor with the Human Rights Commission in San Francisco, Ca. (Cert. # 31-039-30304)
  • We are a certified Applicator of the new technology Photo Catalytic coatings using Pureti Photo catalytic coatings which are pharmaceutical grade coatings for a GREEN  21st century in new technologically advanced coatings.




Rhapsody Painting & Environmental Company has a health and safety program for its employees who are exposed to hazardous or potentially dangerous working conditions. Our work force is certified with the California Department of Health.

We have implemented a drug-free workplace program and we follow an appropriate program for illness and injury prevention which includes weekly tailgate meetings.


Rhapsody Painting & Environmental Company maintains significant and Comprehensive Insurance coverage with the following limits:

  • General and automotive liability insurance
  • Workman’s Compensation Insurance
  • General Liability
  • Pollution Control Policy Lead and Mold



Each project is monitored by a certified Lead Supervisor .

Remediation and surface stabilization of lead-based surfaces are closely monitored prior to the Encapsulation process or the Abatement phase.

Personal air monitoring is performed on each project during the remediation phase to create a baseline in compliance to the D.H.S. Action Levels in the workplace. Historical documentation is kept on file for each project performed. This documental is available to each client upon request.

Rhapsody Painting & Environmental Company has designed and implemented quality control programs to assure that our projects are completed according to the accepted industry standards and that the results are accurate and complete.